How to Get Hired: 3 Reasons You’re Not Getting Hired and What You Can Do About It

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You’ve come to the right place If you want to learn practical steps on how to get out of your on way and learn how to get hired!

I’ll be the first to admit that the job/career search process is not my favorite thing to do. It’s probably not yours either.

However, as someone who’s been in the Talent Acquisition field for several years, I’m offering sound advice on a few reasons you may not be getting hired into the roles you’re most interested in.

You Don’t Meet the Minimum Qualifications

Applying for a position where you don’t at least meet the minimum required qualifications is typically a waste of time.

If you don’t have the required qualifications either directly or through transferable skills, the qualifying questions that are typically asked at the beginning of job applications will usually weed out your application.

Instead of applying for a job that at the surface you don’t meet the qualifications for, write down all of the possible transferable skills and compare them to the qualifications that the job requires.

If you’re able to articulate these skills through your resume and/or cover letter go for it!

Also, be prepared to speak to how you meet the minimum qualifications once you reach the phone screen and interview stages of the selection process.

How to Overcome Lacking Required Skills

Start the process of acquiring the required skills through education, interning or volunteering.

Find a mentor already in the position you’re in so that you can determine the quickest and most efficient way to acquire the skills you need.

If additional education is required (i.e. Master’s Degree or 3 years of experience in a particular role) and you have neither, I’d reconsider applying until you have the required skill-set needed to be successful.

Also, don’t underestimate the power of independent education. In today’s world there are so many ways you can teach yourself valuable skills and put them to use immediately.

You can self-educate and freelance to start building your resume. Also consider starting your own side-hustle or business if that’s something you’re interested in pursuing. Take chances and don’t box yourself in to only working for others!

Don’t be afraid to go from asking yourself, “How to Get Hired to How Can I hire others?”

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You Wait Too Long to Apply

If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.

You’re doing yourself a huge disservice if you’re not at least 95% ready when opportunities present themselves.

If you see a position you’re interested in, your resume and cover letter should require minimal work.

Keep your resume up-to-date and ready to go at the drop of a dime.

Of course, I encourage applicants to adjust their resumes with industry and sometimes company language (to some extent). But overall, you should always be ready to submit your credentials.

In today’s job market, striking while the iron’s hot so-to-speak may make the difference of you getting the job and the job being filled while you’re trying to do a complete overhaul on your resume.

How to Remain Ready for the Career You Want

  • Know your Role – Print out job postings for your desired role and build your resume around the desired and required qualifications.
  • Network, network, network! – Prepare yourself for this new role by networking with others already in this field. Referrals go a long way!
  • Get the Insider’s Scoop – If professionals already in your desired career field are willing to let you know when vacancies become available before they’re even posted, you’re well on your way to snagging the opportunity you want.

You’re Not Prepared for Interviews

I hate interviews.

There, I said it. You probably have a few hang-ups about them as well.

But the truth is, they happen. And before they happen, you need to do your research and prepare yourself for the process.

  • Research the company and desired role
  • Engage in mock interviews
  • Research commonly asked interview questions for your particular career ( is a great place to start)
  • Dress the part
  • Allow your personality to shine through

Keep in mind that every interview you have may not be great. Things happen and that’s not going to always be your fault.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t receive an offer for every job you apply to. Keep pushing forward and continue to make adjustments and improving along the way!

What are some things you do to prepare yourself for the job search? Have you made any of the mistakes above? Can you offer additional tips to those searching for new career opportunities?

If you have great information on how to get hired we’d love to hear from you. Please share in the comments with the community!

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