March 2023 Earnings Report: How I Made Over $100 Online and Upcoming Financial Goals

Are you looking to earn some extra cash online? Well, you’re in luck! In this blog post, I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks on how I earned over $100 online.

My goal for this year is to earn as much money as possible online in addition to my 6 figure annual salary from my full-time role as a recruiter.

March 2023 Online Earnings and Side Hustle Breakdown

Here’s the breakdown so far for March’s Online/Side Hustle Earnings:

  1. – $60.00
  2. – $66.88
Earn Money Online


I made (queue the drumroll) a whopping $126.88 during the month of March with what I consider very little effort. Both of the sites that I used to earn money online I only stumbled upon recently. Keep reading to find out a little more about both online sites.

The first site I learned about is called and I learned about it in the Fall of 2022.

In a nutshell, UserTesting is a website where companies engage real life users like you and I and ask for feedback on their websites, products and services.

On average, most of the surveys I’ve completed have taken 20-30 minutes. You can check out my full article and proof of recent earnings on UserTesting here.

The next source of my online earnings is called Fishbowlapp. This is a website that is very career-oriented and promotes pay transparency within the workplace. I initially joined the site to get a better idea of what others were earning in my same industry and to learn about what other career options are out there that are of interest to me.

However, I quickly noticed that there’s something called a Creator Bowl that allows users to sign up to create content by posting conversation starters. At the time I signed up for the Creator Bowl, it was in the Beta or testing stage. At the time of this blog post, Beta stage has ended and I’m waiting to see if I’ll be invited to the program outside of this testing phase. If so, I will continue to post content to the bowl to earn extra income.

The cool thing about Fishbowlapp is that you can choose to post anonymously (or not) within your assigned bowl.

This company also pays out every 2 weeks while UserTesting pays out 7 days to the hour of the date you submit your feedback.

Fishbowlapp and UserTesting both pay via PayPal so you do need to sign up for PayPal if you don’t already have an account.

Overall, Fishbowlapp requires the least amount of time and effort to get started and to also earn money. As long as you’re posting thought-provoking questions you will easily be able to earn money.

UserTesting takes a bit more effort because you will not qualify for all surveys and answering screening questions takes more time.

April 2023 Online Earning/Side Hustle and Savings Goals

  1. Earn an extra $300 either online or via another (to be determined) side hustle. I plan to do this by continuing with, Fishbowlapp and figuring out what other method(s) will fit into my current lifestyle to earn money online.
  2. Post 3-4 Quality Blog Posts for the month of April. (I’m working on consistency this month).
  3. Create a new budget for myself. I’ve created budgets for myself in the past but this is something I plan on doing and sticking to (as closely as possible) to get a better grip on knowing exactly where my money is going each month.
  4. Save $3200 this month for long term expenses and goals that I have.

Fishbowlapp Earnings for March 2023

Several UserTesting Payments from March 2023

What are some of the creative ways you’re earning additional money?

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