April 2023 Earnings Report: How I Made Over $100 Online and Upcoming Financial Goals

 Welcome back!

I spent much of the month of April thinking about how to earn extra income and not actually acting on my ideas. In April, I focused heavily on my full-time job which took up a significant amount of time and energy.

By the time I wrapped up each day, I had neither the desire nor the energy to focus on much else. Unlike last month, this month I spent less time focusing on earning extra money through UserTesting and Fishbowl and focused more on trading stock options (calls and puts).

I’m happy to discuss what calls and puts are at a very high level in the future if this subject interests my followers. If not, there’s plenty of information on the internet on what these strategies look like.

I traded options during the day and spent less than 3 hours doing so. I’m in no way a highly-experienced day trader. However, I’ve taken a course and know the basics.

I found opportunities to trade several stocks that I’ve become familiar with over time. I would’ve loved to continue posting content on Fishbowl but the beta program that I was a part of ended at the end of March.

I’m unsure if the program is ongoing or if I simply wasn’t invited back to participate after beta.

Either way, when I projected my April online income last month, I’d anticipated being very active in the program and prematurely assumed that I’d be able to earn money by posting high-quality content. I was disappointed but got over it quickly.

Anyway, check out April’s wrap-up below.

April 2023 Online Earnings and Side Hustle Breakdown

  1. Goal: Earn an extra $300 online.
    • Outcome: I missed this target. My online income earnings for April came to $110.04, less than last month’s earnings of $126.00. Here’s how I did it.
      • UserTesting.com – $30
      • Stock Options (Realized Gains) – $80.04
        • 19.27 AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) Put
        • 40.91 AMD Call
        • 19.86 Shop (Shopify) Call
  2. Goal: Save $3200.
    • Outcome: I saved $1114.00 – I kept more money in my checking account to cover unexpected car expenses and to accommodate Mother’s Day.
  3. Goal: Create a Budget
    • Outcome: I did not create a budget. There’s literally no excuse for this other than I just didn’t make it happen.
  4. Goal: Post 3-4 Quality Blog Posts for the month of April.
    • Outcome: I posted a single blog post. What can I say? Life happened in April and as you can see, I didn’t achieve all the things!

But it’s ok! LIfe goes on.

May 2023 Online Earning/Side Hustle and Savings Goals

  1. Earn an extra $200 online. I plan to do this by contributing to UserTesting.com, Possibly trading stocks and stock options, and figuring out what other method(s) fit into my current lifestyle to earn money online.
  2. Post a Minimum of 3 Blog Posts for the month of May. I have a few planned posts already so stay tuned!
  3. Create a budget. This is not fun for me! However, I do plan to create a budget and will try to make it “fun” in some way.
  4. Save $3000.00 this month for longer-term expenses and goals. This will be set aside from my regular pay.

Adjusting Goals

As you can see, I’ve adjusted some of my goals. To me, these are more realistic for my current work-life balance.

I will adjust and increase my online earning goals and target once I steadily reach my beginner targets and commit to being more consistent.

In the future, my goals include earning a steady affiliate marketing income and creating digital products. The biggest challenge that I face is consistency!

I know that once I’m more consistent in my efforts, I’ll be able to increase online earnings. What were your goals this past month? Did you reach them? Did you try?

Until next time…



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